Roller Bearings

We offer a full range of bearings of different price and quality levels. We are an authorized distributor of NSK and KOYO brands, amongst the world leaders in the production of bearings and accessories.

We are an authorized distributor of KG brand of KG International in the United Arab Emirates, which is one of the leaders in the segment of high-quality bearings at favourable prices.

In 2005, we started our cooperation with the Chinese producer of DPSpol bearings, which immediately met with a positive response by our customers.

Cooperating with our Czech partners, we provide SKF, FLT, ZKL, ZVL bearings and MPZ barrel bearings.


  • Member of NSK Group (JPN)
  • World leading producer (direct competitor of SKF)
  • Sale of full range of NSK, PPL brands
  • Providing free technical assistance
  • Operation of consignment stocks at large customers
  • Customers: VW Group, Protool, JULI Motorenwerk


  • Member of JTEKT Group (JPN)
  • World leader in bearings
  • High level of technology
  • Customers: Protool

KG Bearings

  • KG International FZCO (UAE)
  • Exclusive brand representation since 2001
  • Sale of full range of KG and KG Premium E brands
  • Current inventory at
  • Providing free technical assistance
  • Operation of consignment stocks at large customers

DPSpol Bearings

  • Own customer brand (PRC))
  • Direct import from 2005
  • High quality at reasonable prices
  • Huge clientele in the Czech Republic

Plain Bearings - SELFOIL

Our company is an authorised distributor of AMES – one of the world’s largest producers of plain bearings. There is a full range of the most commonly used types of bearings for immediate delivery from our warehouse. Thanks to our long-term manufacturing experience we can offer superior bearings with high durability.

Winding Wire

We are an authorized distributor of LWW Slaska, producer of copper and aluminium wires and profiles for winding. The top quality and excellent logistics facilities allow us to respond flexibly to all our clients’ requirements. LWW Slaska, a member of Liljedahl Group of Sweden, is one of the largest suppliers of wires for the SIEMENS production facilities in the Czech Republic.

We offer the top quality, excellent logistics facilities and flexible response to all the demanding requirements of our clients. Deliveries are made from our own warehouse in Mohelnice. Consignment stock arrangements are possible for larger clients.

  • Enamelled wire
    • Round wire - IEC 317-13; IEC 317-20; IEC 317-51, etc.
    • Section wire - IEC 317-29, etc.
  • Bare wire
Wire typesNameStandardClass
Round enamelled winding wire of copper DAMID 180IEC 317 - 8180°C
Round enamelled winding wire of copper DAMID 200IEC 317-13200°C
Round enamelled winding wire of copper, solderable DASOL 155IEC 317-20155°C
Round enamelled winding wire of copper, solderable DASOL 180IEC 317-51180°C
Round enamelled winding wire of aluminium DAMID 200 ALIEC 317-25200°C
Rectangular enamelled winding wire of copper DAMID 200 RecIEC 317-29 200°C

Package (link)

Sintered Parts

Business and technical representative of POLMO Lomianki S.A.
  • Manufacture of complex shapes (gears, curves, parts of shock absorbers, etc.)
  • Manufacture of plain bearings
  • Manufacture of accurate final products using precise pressing and calibrating tools
  • Full use of input materials (waste-free technology)
  • High efficiency in the production of large series
  • Customers: BRANO Group, VW Group, MOTORPAL Jihlava, MAGNETON Kroměříž

Drawing Parts

  • Production of components (pins, rollers, spindles, tubes, etc.) for the automotive industry and engineering based on customer drawings in China and their import to the Czech Republic
  • We provide sampling, including all technological documentation
  • We operate consignment stocks at our clients to ensure continuous production

Accessories for solid fuel boilers

In cooperation with the parent company EWMAR-NESS, we provide supplies of accessories for solid fuel boilers manufactured at our plant in Poland.

Solid fuel feeders

  • Tubular
  • Steel
  • Cast iron
Suitable for all types of fuels, including pellets.
Cast iron feeder including gear motor
Steel feeder including gear motor
Tubular feeder including gear motor


Enhancing combustion. We produce 9 series of fans in dozens of modifications according to customer needs.
Demonstration of production

Gear motor

Used for actuating the boiler solid fuel feeders. We manufacture and supply different types according to specific customer requirements.
Demonstration of production and assembly methods.
Our production plant has ISO 9001 certification and products are certified to CE standards.

We provide technical consultancy, supply spare parts and sell a complete range of our products at our warehouse in Mohelnice.


  • Sealing elements
  • Sprockets
  • V-belts, O-rings
  • Industrial hoses
  • Lubricants, adhesives and liquid seals
  • Filtration elements
  • Chains
  • Wheels
  • Bearings for In-line skating ABEC 7 Extreme Race